Meet Our Animals

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In addition to our goats, we also raise a variety of chickens, ducks, quail, turkeys, and pheasants. Meet all of the animals on our farm!

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Dwarf Nigerian Goats

Currently, we have two does and two bucks. Our does are named Countess and Ruby, and they are two years old. We acquired them in June 2020. Countess was pregnant and delivered her first kid at the end of July 2022! Her baby’s name is Duchess.

Galileo and Figaro are the names of our two bucks, and we have had them on the farm since June 2021. They are a little over a year old. Figaro is the sire of Duchess.



We have several different types of chickens, including Rhode Island Red, Bard Rock, Amberlink, Americana, Buff Orpington, and Silver-laced Wyandott. In early 2020, we bought 12 chicks, and a few months later we acquired two bantam chickens and two Silkie chickens, bringing our total to 17. We have lost a few to predators and currently have 8 hens laying eggs. We purchased more chicks this past spring, bringing our total to about two dozen chickens! The newest additions should be laying eggs by early fall.


We have One white Peking ducks and three Muscovy ducks who have been on our farm for about two years, and we recently added Khaki Campbell, Swedish Blue and Chinese Crested ducks to the mix.


Bronze and white turkeys grace our farm with their presence. They are very sweet and enjoy our companionship.

Ring-necked Pheasant and Bobwhite Quail

We have a beautiful male and a female pheasant and just purchased more chicks. Due to predators, we are down to one adult female quail and are raising more chicks to add to the population!